Conversation with the Acting Chief Executive Officer…

In commemoration of LEC' 50th Anniversary, today, the Acting CEO, Hon. Monie R. Captan had a media discussion with a team of Liberian journalists from various media houses. During today's chat, he outlined major achievements within the LEC since his ascendancy as Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
During today's meeting, Mr. Captan outlined major achievements within the LEC; such as stable, reliable, and affordable electricity being supplied to over 220,000 customers, as well as the provision of adequate number of meters and the drastic reduction in power theft from 50% to 30%.
He also highlighted plans by the LEC, to construct a new massive Hydro-electric plant on the Paul River in Lower Bong County with a generation capacity of 150 megawatts. This is close to twice the current generation capacity of the current Mt. Coffee Hydro plant.
Below are pictures of our CEO, Hon. Monie Captan along with Deputy Information Minister for Public
 Affairs, Min. Jalawah Tonpoe and a group picture with journalists right after today's discussion.


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