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  • Technical Works to Affect the KRU TOWN Substation
    The Liberia Electricity Corporation announces three (3) days of construction, stringing and restoration works to affect the KRU TOWN substation from May 21st thru May 23rd, 2021.
  • Liberia Electricity Corporation Launches Two Incentive Schemes
    The Liberia Electricity Corporation wishes to inform the general public and its valued Customers that on Saturday, May 1, 2021, it will launch its Lifeline (Social Tariff) for residential small consumers and a High Security Metered Incentive Package for Large Consumers.  
  • LEC Announces Life Line (Social)Tariff
    LEC is pleased to announce the introduction of its Lifeline (Social) Tariff The lifeline Tariff is an initiative of LEC which has been approved by the LEC Board and Liberia Electricity  Regulatory Commission (LERC). It’s aim is to make LEC mains electricity more accessible and affordable to households and small business who have low level...
  • LEC Dry Season Preparations 2020-2021
    Press Statement on the Power Supply Situation (CLSG & Dry Season 2020 -2021) The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) has once again hit a new milestone reaching a peak demand of 47.45MW on New Year’s Eve 2020. This is a direct result of the addition of over 27,000 new customers to the LEC system during 2020...

Video: Mt. Coffee Hydropower Plant
Progress as of December 15, 2016

LEC's Mission

To increase reliable access to affordable electricity throughout the country, in the quickest, most prudent and sustainable manner possible’’

energy saving
    1. Ensure your electrical installations are carried out professionally to avoid unnecessary electrical losses
    2. Buy and use only appliances with good energy rating
    3. Keep doors and windows closed when using air-conditioners
    4. Keep your air-conditioner thermostat at 22-24 degrees and use fan where possible
    5. Turn off lights and appliances in rooms you don't use and all appliances on stand-by
    6. Use energy efficient light bulbs
    7. Keep your fridge and freezer doors closed

"Small light Today, Big Light Tomorrow!"

LEC is fighting to bring light to all liberians. Click here for a list of on-going projects.


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