Engr. Dele I. Shobayo

B.Eng. M.Eng. Executive Director for Planning

Engineering and Major Connections

Engr. Dele I. Shobayo serves as Executive Director for Planning, Engineering, and Major Connections in which capacity he oversees power system planning and expansion; engineering and network design, technical standards and specifications development and verification; meter processing, control, and configuration; major connections and revenue protection. Engr. Shobayo has worked in both private and public sectors and has diverse experience in the planning, implementation, and management of energy programs and projects and electricity infrastructure and systems. He has also contributed meaningfully to engineering education and engineering curriculum development in Liberia.

In his previous role as Senior Energy Advisor at the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Engr. Shobayo played a critical role in energy policy formulation and sector planning at the national and sub-regional levels. Prior to joining the Liberia Electricity Corporation, he served as Energy Project Technical Manager at Millennium Challenge Account – Liberia where he managed multiple projects under the $257M Liberia Compact with the United States Government.

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and a Master of Engineering in Electrical Machines and Power Systems from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. He has numerous professional certifications including an Advanced Certificate in Power System Protection from Egyptian Electricity Holding Company. Engr. Dele I. Shobayo has authored several publications. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the Engineering Society of Liberia.