Planned Outages for October 24 through October 29

The Liberia Electricity Corporation wishes to inform its valued customers and the general public, of its upcoming “Planned Outages” slated to run from October 24 through October 29, 2022. These outages will cover up to eight (8) hours beginning at 9:00 am, up to 5:00 pm daily. Management has approved these outages to enable LEC undertake major network upgrades. These upgrades involves: Stringing of Transmission Lines, Erection of Poles, Maintenance Activities, Transformer Replacement Activities, etc.

These undertakings will ensure a more stable supply of electricity to homes and businesses. It also serves to provide increased access to the power we provide and spur economic empowerment. We encourage all of our valued customers, to use your electricity wisely and not undermine our ability to serve the general public through misuse and theft.