Liberia Electricity Corporation Takes Strategic Steps to Address Impending Power Demand During the Dry Season

The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) is currently in active negotiations with regional counterparts to secure mutually beneficial power purchase agreements as the dry season approaches.

Liberia relies heavily on hydropower as its primary source of electricity. However, with the country entering the dry season, it anticipates a significant decrease in water levels in the dam.  This reduction in water levels will result in a diminished capacity for hydropower generation, leading to a shortfall in electricity production.  In the absence of alternative sources of supply, load shedding becomes the only option open to LEC to manage the imbalance between demand and supply.

In anticipation of potential challenges, the management of the Liberia Electricity Corporation, under the leadership of its Chief Executive Officer, Hon. Monie R. Captan, who is currently on a World Bank study tour in Vietnam, has designated  Kwame Kpekpena, Chief Operating Officer, Adam S. Sherriff, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, and Cllr. Isabel Diggs, Company Secretary to lead this critical and proactive engagements. The engagements will focus on mutually beneficial power purchase agreements to minimize the potential for load shedding during the dry season.

Earlier in the week, the Chief Financial Officer, Adam Sheriff, traveled to La Cote d’Ivoire to initiate negotiations with the Ivorian energy authorities regarding next year’s supply to LEC. From Abidjan, Mr. Sheriff joined Mr. Kpekpena and Cllr. Diggs, who were already stationed in Guinea, on the 14th of December 2023 for a meeting with their Guinean counterparts, Électricité De Guinée (EDG), to discuss the terms of another possible power purchase agreement for the upcoming years.  The team met and had discussions with Mr. Laye Sekou Camara, the Director-General of EDG, and his team of lawyers, engineers, and finance experts.

These proactive measures underscore LEC's commitment to ensuring a stable and accessible electricity supply, even in the face of potential challenges. The corporation remains dedicated to exploring strategic partnerships and initiatives to enhance the resilience of Liberia's power infrastructure and ensure effective and efficient power distribution service delivery.

These strategic visits also aim to explore avenues for building a resilient electricity supply emergency preparedness plan for LEC as Liberia enters the dry season. The goal is to ensure stable and accessible electricity service delivery to valued customers. LEC remains committed to proactive measures that enhance the reliability of power supply, especially during challenging periods like the upcoming dry season.