LEC Proves to be a Powerful Force in Liberia’s Energy Sector” – Outgoing U.S. envoy to Monrovia asserts

The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) has proven to be a powerful force in driving positive change in the country's energy sector.
Making the disclosure on Thursday, June 29, at the celebration of the 247th Independence Day anniversary, the outgoing United States Ambassador to Liberia, Michael A. McCartyhy said campaigns and public pressure have effectively elevated the conversation around low-carbon energy alternatives.
He averred that his support and advocacy, combined with collaboration between the US Embassy and the LEC, have further strengthened the LEC's impact.
McCarthy further added that in the energy sector, LEC has proven that with campaigns and public pressure, attitudes toward power theft CAN be changed!
The tough-talking U.S. envoy disclosed that LEC has also concluded CLSG negotiations, physically joining the West Africa Power Grid.
In addition, McCarthy said LEC is coordinating with donors and the World Bank on the next stages of Hydropower expansion, adding carbon-free power generation through additional turbines, enlarged reservoirs, and eventually a massive new dam project.
He concluded, "There were those who predicted disaster when foreign advisors took their hands off the steering wheel of LEC, but note that all of these advances have been achieved under strictly Liberian management."
Thanks CEO, Hon. Monie Captan for the astute leadership!