LEC Completes 14 Days of Community Engagement in the South East

outreach team speaking to members of the communityLiberia Electricity Corporation's (LEC’s) community outreach team has just returned from the South East where they completed a very successful and well-supported 10 days of community engagement across the region.

The purpose of the extended visit was to inform current and future electricity customers of impending developments in the electricity sector in the South East.

LEC’s Community Outreach Team addressed areas such as:

  • Extension of the electricity Grid to Fishtown and Pleebo under the AfDB’s project Liberia Electricity Expansion Accelerated Project (LEEAP)
  • The program to install prepaid meters in customers’ homes and premises in Harper, Pleebo, and Fishtown Communities
  • The program is also intended to install High Security Meters (HSM's) in large customer installations and on transformers

Overall the Community Outreach Team are very pleased with the level of interest shown by local communities and the level of engagement which included both town-hall / palaver hut meetings and radio discussions.

During the program, 3 communities were visited and 4 meetings held across the region.

LEC will begin installing HSM’s on large customer premises and transformers in March/April 2022.