CLSG- Planned Outages for April 24- April 26

The Liberia Electricity Corporation wishes inform its valued customers and the general public of upcoming Planned Outages to run from April 24 through April 28, 2023. These outages are being carried out to facilitate the completion of the Botota Power Substation located in Botota, Bong County as the additional fifth substation under the WAPP CLSG – TRANSCO Project. The Botota Substation will create access to efficient and affordable electricity for Bong County and provision to extend power to Gbarnga and Tappita, making true the President’s commitment to provide Liberians across the country access to efficient and affordable public services. The Botota Substation will receive its supply of power thru the Transco-CLSG Transmission Lines running from Cote d’Ivoire to Liberia.

Transco-CLSG has requested an outage to enable the connection of Botota to the TRANSCO main transmission lines. During this period, maintenance will also be carried out by LEC to accommodate the additional load and ensure stability in the service.

In view of the above, the LEC has instituted load shedding operations as the aforementioned exercise will result in a reduction in the generation capacity of the corporation. Every community supplied by LEC will be affected by this activity. While some Communities will be affected for six (6) hours, others will be affected for twelve (12) or more hours however not to exceed eighteen hours.

Please See full schedule below.


CLSG Outage Schedules april 24-26