Attention: Unauthorized Transformer Connections to LEC’s Electric Grid


The Liberia Electricity Corporation has observed with grave concern that individuals are connecting privately procured transformers to its electric networks without the Corporation's expressed consent, approval, and authorization.  The management of the Corporation wishes to remind the public that such actions constitute tampering with LEC’s transmission and distribution lines and contravene Article 6 of Section 15.88 of the Penal Law and are, therefore, criminal.  More importantly, such actions pose significant risks of electrocution not only to the individuals involved but also to the public and other users of electricity.  Furthermore, these actions can damage electrical appliances connected to electricity in the vicinity of such unauthorized and illegal connections.

We strongly advise those contractors and individuals involved in these unauthorized acts to cease these illegal activities immediately. LEC also wishes to appeal to the public to be watchful and immediately report any suspicious activity on its transmission and distribution networks using our toll-free number, 4600.  This collective vigilance is necessary to protect life and property.

Prospective customers who require a dedicated transformer or have already procured their transformers and wish to be connected to the LEC network should send an application addressed to the Chief Operating Officer or email  We shall promptly attend to their requests.

The Corporation has commenced a rigorous inspection exercise, and any transformers found to have been installed without proper consent, approval, or authorization will be permanently removed from service and the network.  Individuals who have illegally connected dedicated transformers to our networks have up to 29th February 2024 to regularize these connections by sending a formal application to the Chief Operating Officer as indicated above.  Beyond this grace period, any unauthorized transformer discovered on our networks will be removed and confiscated.

We urge the general public to take note and act accordingly.

Thanks for your usual cooperation.


The Management (LEC)