batiment1The Liberia Electricity Corporation is a public utility created in 1973 by the Government of the Republic of Liberia. This entity was developed through an act of Legislature with a mandate to produce and supply economic and reliable electric power to the entire nation, while at the same time maintaining the corporation financial viability. Intrinsic in this mandate is the responsibility for improving and expanding the system to meet future growth. LEC therefore obtains the responsibility of ensuring that efficient, reliable and affordable electric power is available, not only to meet the increasing demand for electric energy in Liberia, but also to serve as a catalyst for socio- economic development.

            From 1973 until late 1989, Liberia’s electricity service was largely limited to the capital of Monrovia and environs; around 35,000 customers—almost 13 percent of the population—were served by 1989. LEC also handled the electricity supply of rural areas outside Monrovia through 10 small isolated power systems with a total installed capacity of 13 MW. The remainder of Liberia’s electricity infrastructure was almost entirely destroyed during the periods of civil unrest in Liberia. Efforts have been underway since 2006 in order to restore the Monrovia grid, expand the mini-grid, and expand stand-alone power systems in the interior.