Notice of Intent of the Mount Coffee Photovoltaic Power Plant

The general public and all concerned or interested parties are hereby informed that under the leadership of the Government of Liberia, the West African Power Pool, funded by the World Bank, has signed with Artelia a contract for engineering services to be provided in the context of the feasibility and environment & social impact assessment (ESIA) and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) studies of the Priority generation Investment Project (PIP) in Liberia.

The Priority Investment Project (PIP), which was validated by the Government of Liberia and Stakeholders, at a Steering Committee chaired by the Minister of Mines and Energy on Sept 26, 2019.  The PIP is made of three components: the St Paul 2 (SP2) hydropower project (112 MW), the development of solar generation across several utility scale sites (90MW), and the Mt Coffee Extension (44 MW).