Planned Outages for October 25 – October 30

The Liberia Electricity Corporation wishes to inform its valued customers and the general public of its upcoming Planned Power Outages to run from October 25 through October 30, 2021 for eight (8) hours beginning at 9:00 am to end at 5:00 pm daily. These outages are being carried out to enable us undertake major network upgrades, involving Stringing of Transmission Lines, Erecting Concrete Poles, Maintenance and Transformer Replacement Activities.

The Dates and Areas to be affected by these works are as follows:

Point Four Express

October 25/ 27/ 29/ 30

Areas to be affected are:

Kukaju Community, Part of Bong Mine Bridge Community, Point Four Community, New Kru Town, Caldwell Junction Community, Momo Town Community, Duala Community, Monrovia Breweries Community, Tweh Farm Community, Island Clinic Community, St. Paul Bridge Community

 Port Feeder

October 25/ 27/ 29/ 30

Areas to be affected are:

Logan Town Community, Sayon Town Community, Jamaica road Community, Free Port Community, Clara Town Community, Doe Community, Battery Factory Community, Toepoeh Village Community, New Georgia Junction, Super-Market Community, Barnesville Junction, Kesselly Boulevard Community, NTA Community, Communities Opposite Chicken Soup Factory

Gardnerville Stockton Creek Feeder

October 25

Areas to be affected are:

Communities along New Georgia Road, New Georgia Estate, Johnsonville Community, Barnesville Estate.

Capitol – Congo Town Feeder

October 26/ 28

Area to be affected are:

1st Street Sinkor up to 26th Street Sinkor Both Land & Sea sides, Old & New Matadi Community, Lakpazee Community, Fiamah, Airfield, Old road, Catholic Hospital Community, Sophie and Congo Town, up to Nigeria House.

Water and City Feeder

October 26

Slipway Community, Crown Hill, Broad Street, Capitol Bye Pass

Gardnesville Red-Light

October 27

Areas to be affected are:

Chicken Soup Factory, Stephen Tolbert Estate, Amargashi Community, MVTC Community, New Hope Community, Black Gina Community, Chicken Farm Community, St. Francis Community, Jacob Town Community, Zota Community, Lone Star Gas Station Community, Neezoe Community, 72nd SKD Blvd, Red-Light, Pipeline Community, Morris’ Farm Community, Whean Town Community, Johnsonville

Paynesville Congo Town Feeder

October 30

Areas to be affected are:

Congo Town Backroad Community, Pago Island Community, Peace Island Community, SKD Boulevard Road, Micheal Francis Road, SDK Cooper Road, 12 Houses Road, Golden Gate, AB Tolbert Road, GSA Road, Nagbe Town, ELWA Community, Nigeria House,

The LEC regrets any inconvenience these activities may cause its value customers and the general public.

SAFETY NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: Please keep away from the network and treat the system as live all the time.

Signed: LEC Management

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