LEC Begins Replacing Damaged Transformers

Materials, Equipment Arriving

LEC would like to thank its many paying customers for their continuing support and forbearance over the last several months due to back log of damaged transformers mainly caused by electricity theft.

As you know, the impact of energy theft is such that LEC’s financial position has been severely damaged and LEC has not been in a position to replace damaged equipment (transformers etc.), having neither the materials nor finances.

However, LEC is happy to announce the arrival of the first shipments of materials necessary to begin carrying out network repairs across Monrovia.

In particular LEC has received an initial delivery of transformers and wood poles. Some of you may already have seen some preparatory activity in your communities.

LEC is grateful for the understanding and forbearance of its paying customers and asks for your continued understanding as we begin the process of restoration of supply as quickly as possible.

LEC is ever conscious of its key place in the economy and in supporting community services and the need to be seen to operate fairly to all its paying customers. LEC is therefore restoring supply based on the following priorities over the next number of months.

  • Hospitals
  • Security Services (Police / Army)
  • Schools
  • Communities who are actively supporting LEC’s energy theft alleviation programmes (longest without supply first).

In order to ensure that each repair installation is optimised and as resilient as possible to give many years of reliable service the following procedure is being put in place:

  • Detailed engineering survey of each location (to determine loading etc.)
  • Community engagement to seek support and commitment.
  • Replacement of damaged or stolen meters
  • Regularisation of added customers where technically possible
  • Disconnection of illegal connections where normalisation is not possible
  • Installation, test and commissioning of transformers
  • Formal SWITCH ON Ceremony
  • Formal Handing Over of Responsibility to the Community
Note: LEC has only a limited stock of materials and would like to encourage community dwellers across the network to take ownership of these installations and protect it as their own.

 The continued security of your electricity supply is in your hands.

Again we thank you for your continued support and forbearance while looking forward to restoring full supply as quickly as possible.  Please call 4600 to report suspicious or illegal activity in any given area across the network.