LEC March 25, 2019: The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) would like to apologize once again to its paying customers for the ongoing interruptions to electricity service.

This Load is the result of four (4) main causes
• The massive increase in electricity demand, mainly driven by power theft
• The lack of water at Mt. Coffee due to the dry season
• The difficulties LEC has in securing HFO(Heavy Fuel Oil) to run its base load generators
• The inability to procure LFO (Light Fuel Oil) for its peaking plant, due to its financial constraints.

LEC will endeavor to minimize Load Shedding in particular during the hours of darkness.

In the interest of fairness load shedding has been organized on a rolling basis to spread the impact across most customers throughout the network.

The LEC is load shedding according to the published load shedding schedules, which are available on the LEC website (www.lecliberia.com) or in the local dailies and on social media.

• Always treat the electricity system as live, power can be restored at any time
• Conserve energy turn off appliances and lights (it will save you money as too)
• If you lose power in a designated area, do not phone LEC.
• Keep fridge and freezers closed – keep in the cold.

Load shedding is expected to continue throughout the dry season. However, the situation could change depending on increased water flow or early rains at Mt. Coffee.

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