September 20, 2018


The Management of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) informs customers and the public that we have now constituted a large and effective Task Force with a mandate to commence an intensive program of commercial loss reduction on our network.

The Task Force will carry out a targeted campaign of disconnecting all illegal connections to the network and also those consumers found to have illegally by-passed their meters. In addition all those customers whose meters are damaged and are currently on direct supply connections, will be given the option to have a new meter connected and to regularize their supply. Direct supply customers who chose not to regularize their connection, will be immediately disconnected from the network. The Task Force will be active in all areas of our network. During the exercise, the Task Force will regularize all Flat-Rate customers by issuing them new prepaid meters. Customers who previously paid for connections but have not been connected, will also be connected.

The LEC considers electricity theft a serious challenge which is grossly undermining the inflow of revenue and LEC’s potential to expand our network and service to all Liberian’s. The Corporation is therefore seeking the support of the public in combating this menace by reporting individual (s) involved
LEC will also intensify our efforts to ensure that individuals caught engaging in theft of electricity will be arrested and prosecuted in keeping with the laws of Liberia

The LEC assures the public of its commitment to increasing access to affordable and reliable electricity throughout the country.

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