Testing of Mt. Coffee Unit 3 Begins Thursday

The completion of the third turbine, which has a capacity of 22 megawatts, has increased the installed capacity of the Mt. Coffee Hydropower Plant in Harrisburg to 66 megawatts and the overall installed capacity of the LEC to 104 megawatts.

In preparation to place the third turbine online, there will be outages which will occur during the synchronization process of unit 3. The process will begin with the unit preparation of emergence stop followed by load rejection test at various intervals of 5.5, 11, 16.5 and 19MW.

The 5.5MW intervals of both tests, are expected to be carried without experiencing an outage on the grid, while the 11, 16.5 and 19MW (red coded) are expected to have an outage on the grid.

When the project is completed, Mt. Coffee Hydropower Plant will have a total install capacity of 88 MW (four generating units of 22 MW each).

During the testing exercise, customers may experience interruptions in power supply.  The test will continue up to Sunday, March 19, 2017.

The Management of the LEC apologizes for any inconvenience as a result of this exercise and asks for the support of the Liberian people leading to the full completion of this project.

Customers are advised to make the necessary preparations in relation to these power interruptions.