Liberia Electricity Corporation Overhauls Customer Service Procedures to Improve Efficiency and Service


Monrovia, September 25, 2016 (Liberia Electricity Corporation): The Liberia Electricity Corporation is applying new procedures to its customer services with the aim of improving efficiency levels while decreasing response time, as well as promoting the quality of the service to customers.

Mrs. Famata Kallon Sirleaf, Deputy Managing Director of Customers Services said massive overhaul of customer services procedures is ongoing to improve service to customers. She said efforts were made in past months to improve relationship with customers. While recognizing challenges, she said among notable improvements is the decrease in the time new customers are connected after paying for services. Unlike previously, she said nowadays it takes between one to at most two weeks for new customers to be connected after payment of connection fees at the bank.

“We are working overtime to improve on our service. The effect of this is already being felt and we can assure you of remarkable progress in the way we do business. It is an undisputable fact that our customers are indispensable assets. Without you we won’t generate the needed revenue to keep this utility running,” Mrs. Sirleaf said.

Speaking at a town hall meeting Friday with residents of Pagos Island in Congo Town, Mrs. Sirleaf said the Corporation was working to establish more vending centers to ensure ease of access to customers desirous of buying recharge tokens. She said modalities were being concluded to establish a vending point at the LEC’s Waterside office.

She reiterated that there is absolutely no fees required to buy poles, wires and meters and urged residents to report any unscrupulous individuals engaging is such activities she described as extortion and criminal.

“We are urging you to report anyone requesting money to provide services to you on behalf of the LEC. Light poles, wires, meters and other accessories are provided by the LEC at no cost to customers. Individuals requesting payments for these accessories are extortionists and criminals. Please report them to the nearest police station or to the LEC for legal action.”

Mrs. Sirleaf however appealed to the residents to adduce evidence against those caught in these unwholesome practices.

She warned residents against activities of electricity theft, cautioning them that the consequences include disconnection with a fine of US$350.00.

Suku Mensah, Community Chairman lauded the LEC for the community engagement initiative. He said it is effectively ensuring that the Corporation gets firsthand feedbacks from its customers, while at the same time working to resolve issues confronting them.

He also pledged the community’s resolve to cooperate with the LEC to combat the issue of power theft.

The Liberia Electricity Corporation recently launched a community engagement campaign to improve its relationship with customers and the public and to raise awareness about the dangers of electricity theft and the need to combat the phenomenon, which is costing the Corporation huge loss of revenue.

The campaign, which was launched in July in Clara Town, has already been extended to other communities including Fiamah, Matadi, Gbangay Town and Lakpazee.