electricity theftA campaign started on Friday, July 15, 2016 to raise awareness about the dangers of electricity theft and the need to combat the phenomenon, which is costing the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) huge loss in revenue.
The campaign, which was launched in Clara Town will cover all network areas of the LEC. It seeks to highlight the dangers and consequences of electricity theft, LEC’s Head of Information and Public Affairs, Mambu James Kpargoi said during the launch. He said the campaign will be extended to other communities, intellectual centers and academic institutions.

“The campaign will highlight the dangers of power theft, its impact on the provision of stable electricity and the legal penalties to be imposed on those who steal electricity,” he said.

Owen Richards, Assistant Manager of Anti-Theft elaborated on the effects the activities of criminals, who are vandalizing the installations of the LEC to steal electricity, are having on the Corporation and its ability to effectively provide services to the communities.

“There are deadly risks associated with power theft. You already know how many power thieves have paid for the power they steal with their lives. This crime is not just dangerous for those who steal it, but has dire consequences also for consumers,” Richards said.

He said power service in any country becomes less reliable and ensure lower quality for paying customers as a result of power theft.

Mr. Richards said gangs of criminals were accelerating connections to households in the communities, thereby fraudulently acquiring money from unsuspecting members of the public in exchange for illegal connections.

Richards urged members of the public to take ownership of the installations by being vigilant and urgently report the activities of criminals to the LEC.

“You the community residents are the real beneficiaries and owners of these installations. The services provided here are intended to improve your living standards and allowing criminals to vandalize them obviously undermines the true intent of the service,” he said.