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  • Customer Service Relocation
    Public Service Announcement The Liberia Electricity Corporation wishes to inform the general public and its valuable customers that its Customer Service Centre has been moved to a new location on the VP Road Togba Camp Community Opposite the Catholic Junction. For Direction: From Central Monrovia and Sinkor: At the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital Junction, make...
  • LEC to begin Load Shedding Operations
    Despite recent very welcomed rainfall, LEC has now moved to full scale dry season operations. The critically reduced water inflow at Mt. Coffee has forced LEC to use the more costly Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) to generate at Bushrod, Station. LEC had hoped that this dry season’s demand would be met by excess power purchased...
  • The Power Theft Act
    Theft of electricity through illegal connections, tampering with meters, transmission and distribution lines, and theft of assets including poles, wires and transformers, remain the most singular challenge to the viability and sustenance of LEC as a Public Utility Company. The challenge involves individuals tampering with and making illegal connections in their communities to the LEC...
  • LEC Begins Replacing Damaged Transformers
    Materials, Equipment Arriving LEC would like to thank its many paying customers for their continuing support and forbearance over the last several months due to back log of damaged transformers mainly caused by electricity theft. As you know, the impact of energy theft is such that LEC’s financial position has been severely damaged and LEC...

Video: Mt. Coffee Hydropower Plant
Progress as of December 15, 2016

LEC's Mission

To increase reliable access to affordable electricity throughout the country, in the quickest, most prudent and sustainable manner possible’’

energy saving
    1. Ensure your electrical installations are carried out professionally to avoid unnecessary electrical losses
    2. Buy and use only appliances with good energy rating
    3. Keep doors and windows closed when using air-conditioners
    4. Keep your air-conditioner thermostat at 22-24 degrees and use fan where possible
    5. Turn off lights and appliances in rooms you don't use and all appliances on stand-by
    6. Use energy efficient light bulbs
    7. Keep your fridge and freezer doors closed

"Small light Today, Big Light Tomorrow!"

LEC is fighting to bring light to all liberians. Click here for a list of on-going projects.


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Sat-Sun : Full Power

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Mon - Fri:  8 am -2 pm to 8 pm to 2 am 
Sat-Sun : Full Power

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